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About Sherman P. "Sher" Wright


Sherman P. “Sher” Wright is an author, writer, and speaker who is now devoting significant attention and resources to opposing right wing extremism. This focus leverages skills and experiences from his successful thirty-year professional career as a business executive and boardroom management consultant in a technical field.

Sher first became deeply interested in public policy as a West Point cadet. He secured an appointment to the United States Military Academy at the peak of the Vietnam War and graduated near the top of his class. (If you believe that a West Point graduate cannot possibly be a political moderate, click here). He was recognized for distinguished service with the US Army Armored Cavalry and the US Intelligence Community before reluctantly leaving the military as the only way to continue with what had been his military specialty, the emerging profession of information systems. He then served as an executive in a major global financial services firm for twelve years, directing the creation of highly successful multi-billion dollar software systems. His exposure to many different kinds of systems led to his discovery of powerful patterns in the designs for the most effective systems. He published (under his given name) the first book on this topic and became a frequent lecturer and contributor to industry publications. In order to better realize the promise of these concepts, he joined the applied research group of a global information technology services organization. Besides being one of this organization’s principal thought leaders, he led many important engagements for international corporations with instantly recognizable names. He later took a senior position with the Research and Development arm of a well-known global media company.

Even as his professional career blossomed, Sher maintained his interest in public affairs, becoming steadily more alarmed by the decline of moderation in American politics. His initial activities involved frequent letters to newspapers protesting massive deficit spending experiments that in the final analysis represent theft from our children. Over the last several years Sher has been devoting the bulk of his personal time to decrying the extremism that currently passes for “conservatism” but in actuality bears no relationship to conservative behavior as it is traditionally defined.  

Sher believes in using all the arrows in the quiver on any endeavor he undertakes, and he’s blessed with a range of talents that include not only serious writing but also drawing. He’s still (arguably) sane after many years of corporate craziness largely due to his warped sense of humor. He’s applying all of these arrows towards his crusade against right wing extremism.  

On the serious side, Sher has been expanding and leveraging his knowledge of the three American Presidents he most admired in his youth: Republican Moderates Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower (also admired by George H. W. Bush). What he most appreciates about them, what he finds common among them, was their willingness to transcend the petty politics of the day to strike a direction very different from the “path of least resistance,” a path that anticipated the tide of history. They also espoused policies and values that largely define moderate politics as practiced today (all too infrequently, unfortunately).  

Sher is convinced that America is at a crossroads. We can return to our historic tradition of political moderation, a tradition that has made us the shining light for democracy and prosperity among all nations, or continue our arc towards right-wing extremism, with huge negative implications for the economic, social, environmental, and security prospects for our country and for posterity. Having sworn on the Plain at West Point “to bear true faith and allegiance” to the United States and to its Constitution, Sher has pledged his time, talents, and resources to enlist moderate Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in an attempt to prevent the disastrous consequences that the growing cancer of right wing extremism would wreak on our body politic.

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