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Abu Ghraib Veterans for Truth

Fade in.
Visual – Joseph Darby testifying before a military tribunal.
Voiceover: Joseph Darby said that US Military Personnel committed outrageous acts in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison. He’s lying.
Captain: I was there. It didn’t happen. The accusations that Joseph Darby has made against the veterans who served in Iraq have been just devastating. He’s sullied the reputation of every member of the armed forces.
Medical Officer: He said prisoners were physically abused. He’s lying. Those injuries were all accidental. I know – I treated them.
Sergeant: Joseph Darby went to Iraq with the intention of being a “hero.” He wasn’t happy ending up at the prison. He wanted to do something that that would make him a “big man,” so he doctored up those photos from web porn sites. I know. I walked in on him doing it.
Private: He dishonored his country and, more importantly, the people he served with. He just sold us out.
General: Joseph Darby’s lies dishonor all the veterans who have served honorably in Iraq. He gave the enemy for free all of the propaganda they wanted. It demoralized us, and hurt the war effort.
Voiceover: Abu Ghraib Veterans for Truth is responsible for the content of this ad.


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