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      Sher's Dittohead Devil's Dictionary Project

The following definitions were accumulated while listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show (don't ask). We offer them as a public service to provide insight into the immoderate worldview of Rush and his Dittohead callers by revealing what they really mean with the words they commonly use.

Do you know a Dittohead term just begging to be defined? Contact us and you'll get credit when we pick it up.

Legal advisory: Dittohead is a language of passion and emotion, qualities we have endeavored to preserve in translation. As these definitions do not reflect the attitudes of Moderates, including little-c conservatives (or SherWright management and staff), the reader must be warned that exposure to native Dittohead can result in nausea, migraine, and depression. While these symptoms will normally yield to a prescription anti-psychotic, SherWright can accept no liability for any medical conditions arising from such exposure. 

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