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Let's Learn Dittohead!

It has come to our attention that there is a learning deficit on the part of many Americans, a lack of awareness of a language that is fast rivaling English as the dominant tongue of the US. No, we don’t mean Spanish, we mean Dittohead, the colorful language of Rush Radioland. It started a decade or so ago in the back channels of Red State radio and got a huge boost with the “election” of the first native Dittohead speaker as POTUS in 2000. Now it’s everywhere, but many Americans remain confused by its surface similarities to English.

We at have seen our duty and Every Single Day will define a new Dittohead word or phrase for our visitors. We know that education is always a challenging exercise, but we believe your hard work in coming to the site every day to learn a new Dittohead word will pay dividends as you become able to fully comprehend what the Bush Administration is actually saying to you.

Inaugural Virtue Word Exercise          All 1,000+ Dittohead Words


Let's Learn Dittohead!

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