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Top Ten Reasons Bush Won Reelection!

10. The interesting psychological phenomenon that conservatives who served on swift boats have an irresistible compulsion to lie out their asses.

9. Hearing the word ďlesbianĒ reminded people they didnít want one in their families.

8. Imagine if he hadnít had that backpack radio!

7. Osama made us realize ďOK, heís a screw up, but heís our screw up!Ē

6. Political ads delivered from the pulpit donít use up your hard-earned contributions.

5. What DWI?

4. Voters want more towelhead butt kicked and Bush isnít picky about his towelheads!

3. Deficits really donít matter (unless someone mentions that taxpayers will have to make them up). No danger there!

2. A flight suit trumps camo any day of the week!

And the number 1 reason Bush won the election:

1. Those gay marriage judges from Massachusetts. Itís twice now that judges have put Bush into the White House!



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