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Top 10 Reasons Bush Won!

George's New Ride

This is What Treason Really Looks Like, Ann

White House Prayer Meetings as a Substitute for Ethical Behavior

This Ain't Your Grandma's Party!

Sher's Ratios: Sex to Scandal and Mischief to Money

Fourth Grade Economics Midterm

Appreciating God's Handiwork

My Pitch to the Club for Growth



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The Three Wire  My buddy RogerBall's blog  Check out the hilarious captioned photos!
MadKane Political humor, with great parody songs.
ReadingPost  See Liberal Humor link. Directory of political humor. Funny liberal humor site.

Thadeus and Weez Well-executed political cartoons.

Suckful  A cool blog site by a fellow West Point grad.

TheMediaDesk Gonzo journalism/creative writing with politics section.

Failure Is Impossible Defending Voters Rights.

NealPollack "A fair and balanced voice of the true American spirit."

Daily Bushisms A phrase of the day from the Dittohead in Chief.

The Onion Well-known parody and humor including politics.

PoliticalStrikes "Over the top political cartoons. No apologies."

Mark Fiore  Animation!

Ted Rall Comics and Columns.

This Modern World Ditto.

Directory If you hate the extreme right and have time on your hands.

Microsoft Windows update tips Not political, but Brian spotlighted the site on his Wacky Web Week feature to help launch

Scuba Site. Hey, I like scuba!

Wife's Alumni Site


Let's Learn Dittohead!

Ain't Reality Great?!

What's that bird in the Background?

Are You Smarter Than a Fourth Grader?

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