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Terri Schiavo and Charles DeLay Side by Side

Rush is on record as saying that comparisons between the cases of Terri Schiavo and Charles DeLay, the House Majority Leader’s father, are “disgusting because there are very few similarities.” He took his crack at an incoherent comparison, so let’s respond with a hopefully more coherent, side by side comparison of the essential features of the two situations. Full disclosure: I find DeLay’s hypocrisy in turning off his father’s ventilator to be breathtaking (literally).

Patient: Charles/Terri
Relationship to DeLay: Father/Adoptive Daughter

The Similarities:
Brain function: Zero/Zero
Chances of recovery: Zero/Zero
Rationale: “He/She wouldn’t want to live like that”
Life-giving substance needed: Oxygen/Water
Process discontinued: Forced ventilation/Forced hydration
Body reaction: Suffocation/Thirst
End result: Death/Death

The Differences:
Legal approvals: Zero/>20
Federal involvement: One Congressman/Pretty much everyone
DeLay’s commitment to life: Weeks/Years
DeLay pulls out: the Plug/the Stops
MS vs.TD Motivation: Respect for her wishes/Wishes for respect
MS vs.TD Resolution: Decision/Derision




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